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Tag Groups has been acquired by the creators of TaxoPress. Please see their post for more information.

Help your visitors find your content

The Tag Groups WordPress plugin gives you all you need to organize your WordPress tags and make your content easily searchable

Tag Clouds


The best tag cloud ever: Filter tags by group and by name with a nifty animation

The End of Messy Tags

Display your WordPress tags sorted into groups or by first letter

Customize, Customize!

Append the post count to each tag? Choose your own separator? Display only tags that appear in a particular post? No problem.

Live Post Filters


Let your visitors select tags in any combination and show live all matching posts
possible applications:
searchable photo portfolio
filter courses by subject, level and teacher
search recipes by ingredients, difficulty and cooking time
let visitors search holiday accommodation by size, place or features
filter any data that can be organized by keywords
WordPress photo live search

Tag Meta Box

Keep your Post Tags organized

Replace the default box to add tags to a post with one that keeps your tags tidy


Animated And Searchable Tag Cloud: Filter tags by group or by name live while typing
Toggle Post Filter: Search live for posts by tags and text. Choose any combination of tags and see the corresponding posts in real time
Search Tag Clouds: Let your visitors filter tag clouds by tag names
Tag Meta Box: Select post tags organized into groups on the post edit screen. Bulk-add all tags of a group
Post Tags: Display tags sorted into groups below each post
Multiple Groups: Assign a tag to several groups
Permissions: Choose which users are allowed to create and edit tag groups: authors, editors or administrators
Even More Tag Clouds: The plugin comes with new shortcodes for tag output in a table or a cloud that combines the tags of specified groups
WooCommerce: The plugin even works with product tags

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a robust content management system that is free, easy to use and customizable. Thanks to a huge community of developers, designers and users, it is secure and actively maintained. Over 40% of the web uses WordPress, and WordPress is here to stay.

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